About us

About Us

Our story

The Erin Oak coffee roaster was created out of passion for such a great drink as coffee.
We want to share this passion with others.  Every coffee has a history, we at Erin Oak have the family history, Coffee and Cocoa business is our Family Business, born into the business with a destiny to produce great roasted coffee and drinks.

At Erin Oak, we strive every day to produce bright, beautiful and distinct coffees that inspire wonder worthy of our roots. Whether you are a coffee farmer in Burundi, a customer in our Cafe, or a Tasting Club member in Wozlawki, we see our coffee as a way of lifting each other up. It starts with a commitment to generous service and extends to a long term vision for a sustainable coffee future

Our Values

Exceptional Products

Taking a planned and attentive approach to crafting the perfect cup, we aim to delight your senses with exceptional coffees

Imperfect Great Service

We believe that, by sharing our best, we can better our community, creating a culture that is kind, generous, considerate and inclusive.

Sustainability Growth

The best things and challenges are not achieved in a day or two. We strive for longterm growth and sustainability, not a fast buck.

Investing in People

We will continuously invest in our people. And whether you’re a coffee farmer in Brazil, a barista in Gdasnk, or a coffee-lover in Northampton; we see our coffees as a way to lift each other up.

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